Before You Float

The day of your float session...

  •  Do not shave for at least 2 to 4 hours prior to your float. Entering salt water after shaving can sting for up to 10 minutes. Clients will not be allowed to float if they have Manic Panic hair color products, or any color depositing conditioners in thier hair, sorry. All other hair color must have been washed several times before coming for a float, so please do not see us after a new hair treatment. Swim caps do not work in a float spa.

  •  Dress casual, please avoid all perfumes and essential oils and taking herbs before comeing to float. You will be required to wash thoroughly before your float, so skip any heavy make-up, and excessive hair products. So please dress casual, if you can as you will be taking two showers with us, before and after your float session. You do not need to bring a bathing suit, as you will only wear ear plugs in the tank. Shower time is generally limited to 10 minutes, before and 10 minutes after your float as we are in a major water shortage. 

  • Food: it's best to not be hungry or very full before floating, somewhere in the middle is just right. As you do not want to feel your stomach in the floatation tank.

  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants like caffeine, tea or smoking at least three hours prior to entering the floatation tank. Drugs on any kind are NOT allowed in the tank, sorry.

  • If you have swimmers ear, are prone to ear infections or any inner ear condition that may be irritated by water, please bring your own ear water specific plugs, we supply standard disposable ear plugs only.

What to bring?

The directions, we are challenging to find, so if you have not been here before please plan on getting to us 15 minutes early. Call us a or text @ 510-535-1702 if you will be late, on busy days late appointments will generally be canceled 15 minutes after your scheduled time, if we do not hear from you.

We supply towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face & body moisturizers, disposable ear plugs, hair dryer, tea and purified water. For sanitation reasons you will need to bring a comb or brush and any special lotions or cosmetics you care to use after your float. You do not need to bring a bathing suit as it is preferable to float in the nude, if you want to have a true sensory deprivation experience.

Other things…

  • Music: If you care to listen to your own music on your smart phone, please let us know when when making your appointment to float you can also bring an MP3. Music is a uniquely personal experience, like floating, so we ask clients to bring what they love. The floatation tanks are equipped with audio. (It is not recommended to float with sound on your 1st few floats, since it is best to get accustomed to floatation therapy, before adding audio.
Know before you float

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy!

If you are a first time floater we recommend that you plan for three float sessions, scheduled approximately one week to one month apart. Although there are many exceptions, generally it can take up to 3 floats to receive the full benefits of floating and get accustomed to the process. We offer many packages to help reduce the cost of multiple float sessions. You can also sign-up for our mailing list to receive float customer specials.

What to expect:

If you are coming alone put please plan on spending 1.5 hours with us for a 1 hour float. Couples should plan on 2 hours.

As a new floater this is what you can expect...

You will be given water to ensure that you are well hydrated before the float, followed by a 10 minute orientation with a little history about floatation tanks, and how to safely enter and exit the tank. Please feel free to ask any questions about floating at this time. Then you will be asked to shower, and you must be 100% clean prior to entering the tank. Robes, shoes and disposable ear plugs are provided. Once your hour is up, we will knock on the tank letting you know it's time to exit the tank. You need to then ensure you are completley dry, and not dripping with salt when you walk to the shower. The bathroom is well supplied with shampoo, conditioner body wash and moisturizers, along with blow dryers. Once you return to the gallery, we will have water and a cup of hot tea and purified cold water waiting for you, it is best to sit and relax after your float. On a sunny day, please bring your sunglasses as it will be super bright outside.


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What to know before floatation therapy. You will be provided with a 10 min introduction to floating in a float spa/tank. This will include the history of floating, the benefits of floating and how to float. FLOAT, Floatation Center and Art Gallery is the longest running Float Center in the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area. Who says you can't float through life?