Business People

Seeking refuge from the fast paced hectic work a day pressures of life in the Bay Area, make the world stop for an hour, and exit the floatation tank well rested and refreshed.

Lack of appropriate sleep negatively effects brain function and has been linked to everything from ulcers and depression to heart disease and cancer. Floatation therapy is a form of R.E.ST. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy and can help you make up for that lack of sleep that far too many of us experience on a regular basis.

"As a business owner, it's easy to get bombarded with managing the day to day responsibilities. Before you know it your dream has become just another job. Floating has given me an ideal, convenient environment to continue visualizing, creating and manifesting my dreams. "
Float tank~ Thomas Weatherspoon, CEO Training Ground

Floating is great for people who need to get through a creativity block, clear their minds, recharge their batteries and improve their performance in the workplace. For over 8 years FLOAT, Floatation Center has focused on creative clients, every artist, designer, musician and writer that has come to us with a creative block, moved through it within a one hour float in the tank. It’s amazing what happens when you rest your brain in a deep level.

After a restful floatation session you will be more focused, creative and productive, and Floating has the added benifit of getting rid of jet lag by 75% or better in just one hour in the float tank.

Floating in a float tank enhances higher learning and aids in visualization, just what you need before a big project or important presentation.

Allow yourself to fall asleep in the tank, it's the equivalent of 4 to 5 hours of the most amazingly restful sleep imaginable.

Stress causes a fight or flight reaction in the body, floatation therapy triggers the parasympathetic response:

  • oxygen consumption decreases
  • breathing slows
  • heart rate slows
  • blood pressure decreases
  • muscle tension decreases
  • growing sense of ease in body, calmness in mind

Enhanced creativity by Michael Hutchison's The Book of Floating:

Floatation is the ultimate tool for enhancing creativity. Creativity is as important for business people as it is for artists. Relaxation plays an important role in the creative process. It allows one to be calm and able to listen to their mind. While floating, you are able to view your life and business from a more objective perspective, where the answers to all your questions are apparent. You float effortlessly in a silky solution of Epsom salts saturated in body-temperature water. With all distractions eliminated, including light and sound, you easily enter a profound state of relaxation unlike anything you have experienced on planet earth.
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Floatation therapy is not just for artists; enhance your business performance by floating in a floatation tank. Resting in a sensory deprivation tank will increase both your focus, and creativity for that next big project. Oakland floatation tanks are the east bays' largest float tanks.