FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

An illuminated group show

Auspicious, an illuminated group show

Artist Party Saturday January 24th, 6 to 9pm
Show runs January 8th, through February 21st 2015

Stephen Widmark
I received my degree in physics from UC Berkeley before joining the Air Force to fly F-111s.  After my discharge, I became a high school physics teacher.  I’ve been making art most of my life, first as a painter and then as a maker of illuminated art.  Lately I’ve become interested in conceptual SciArt and have been producing works that are informed by my background in physics.  I’ve exhibited in shows throughout the San Francisco Bay area.  paleoneon.com

Michael Clarke
Clark works entirely in garbage, illuminated garbage. What others can find no use for, he sees as a medium to reproduce the natural beauty in the world.

“I am a conservationist and peripheral visionary, together I create perfectly imperfect light from within” – Michael Clark   theinnershade.com

R+D fabricates steel tables that take on the identity of animated, industrial sculpture by combining organic shapes and smooth postures. These sturdy, functional art pieces are hand crafted originals created in collaboration by artists Peter DeLucchi and Jeff Ritter. R+D is based in Oakland.

Cheryll MacIntyre
Playfulness, that’s me + art. It is the playground in which I am free, to experiment. to explore.
to smile at the many layers of paint. to break. to trust . to be, in each and every moment.   coloursoutsidelines.com

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FLOAT Floatation Center - Art Gallery exhibits local cutting edge art from the East Bay, Oakland and San Francisco Bay area. We focus on contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, neon and plasma sculpture, graffiti, environmental art, ethnic art, furnature, metal work, jewelry, kinetic and robotic art.