FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

Inside Monsters

Show runs through January 29th, 2020 By Apt. (Limit 6 people in the gallery)

In the gallery

Inside monsters pay homage to our inner monsters, our fabulas dream creatures, and sometimes our protectors. Come give a forever home to a cute inner monster this holiday season.

Inside Monsters in the gallery Video


Yvette Buigues

These characters are a special bunch, they come from my journals and rarely make it into the public eye. I call them Inside Monsters and have been drawing them (or something like them) since childhood. They know our darkness and play in our light. We all have our inner demons, or monsters, and it’s important to get to know them and learn from them. As a child they became a way to work through fears and powerful emotions; when lost in the drawing of them, I found understanding and compassion for myself and others. Once the pandemic hit, I was encouraged by those close to me to put them out into the world. It is my hope that they find their way into the lives of those who need a pick-me-up or some inspiration to get through their troubles and to a better place. Yvette Buigues lives and works in Oakland, California.


Karl Hauser

Karl x Hauser has been exhibiting his work in its various incarnations since 1982. Karl x Hauser was born in Michigan City, on a small farm in northwest Indiana. He played in the dirt under the family’s trailer home, drew pictures, and learned to swim in Lake Michigan. His mother, a self taught artist who invented and painted “blue roses”, encouraged him to draw as it didn’t have the messy potential of paint. Later, he worked for the railroad as a track laborer in order to save money for art school. He attended the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis where he studied sculpture and had his first introduction to video art. Soon after, he received his MFA in video and performance art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While attending Herron he learned to make neon signs, which provided a livelihood as well as a medium for art. His early career was filled with experimentation - fronting a punk rock band, performance and video art, neon art, digital art, but throughout, drawing and the desire to make objects has been consistent.


Making art is labor. Some can find great happiness or love performing labors. Labor is often work that goes unpaid, yet must be performed. The best labors are the times where everything falls away save the work to be done.



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