Health Benefits of Floating

Approximately 40% of the US population spend some amount of time focusing on themselves through wellness, whether it’s through hitting your favorite local Yoga studio or utilizing the powerful tool of mindful meditation, doing something positive for your mind and body is truly priceless. Floating is all about wellness, when you float it's time to unplug, turn off the smart phone, and just be in the moment. Allow your brain and body to rest in the deepest way known to man. Floatation therapy requires only 10 minutes of training, you simply need to be able to shower and get in and out of the float tank to receive an enormous amount of  benefits. The benefits of floatation therapy can Floating increases your level of enjoyed by anyone over the age of 14.

Floating in a floatation tank creates a level of virtual weightlessness, removes external physical stimuli, (sensory deprivation) and allows your mind to drift into the deepest possible level of sensory relaxation. After an hour in the floatation tank you'll feel positively refreshed, rejuvenated and calm. Floatation tank therapy results in ultimate stress reduction that improves the immune system. Floating in 1100lbs of medical grade Epsom salt slows down your heart rate, brain waves and slightly lowers your blood pressure. Floating helps remove toxins from the body, and reduces your cortisol level and increases circulation. In addition Epsom salt has been used for centuries for its many healing properties. Epsom salt releives pain and musle cramps, through the absorption of magnesium regulates electrolytes in the body. And helps us produce seritonin, that lifts our mood.

Try something truly out of this world:

The combination of relaxation and increased endorphin levels achieved from floatation therapy coupled with acupuncture increases your level of wellbeing, thus intensifying (Qi). The body's natural energy, this combination helps increase vitality, harmony and balance. You can also schedule a float and massage with us and you will become a mush ball. We have some brilliant massage therapists on call.

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Check out the health benifits of floatation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, or float spa's. just spending time in the floatation tank will reduce severe pain, increase optimism, and decrease anxiety and depression. In addition, floaters fall asleep easier following floatation tank session and experience a higher quality of deep sleep. Experience the wellness of floating for yourself. Who says you can't float through life?