My first float was a unique experience at the very least, and not at all what I expected. The owner was the host and she is a blend of passion, knowledge, respect, and down to earth nice! The experience in a nut shell: explanation, shower, float, shower again, and then lastly enjoy a cup of hot tea.

The float part took some getting used to. I had to open and shut the door a few times before laying down to get comfortable being in the dark enclosed space. Once I was able to close the door and lay down, took several minutes to relax at all. After that, was able to relax enough to enjoy the sensation of floating, but took me about 20-30 mins to get into a fully calm state, and I expect that is normal for a first time. For me was just hard to find a position that worked for me. You have to be fully comfortable to be able to let go and fully relax. Now that I know what works for me (folding my arms over my torso) the next float will be more relaxing and faster to reach that calm state.

While the time I was calm and relaxed and almost asleep was wonderful  in a unique way, what I liked best about the experience was the after effect. For several days I was in a better mood, calm, and far more patient than my usual self. As a working professional and mother of two very young kids, that extra dose of calm and patience is worth a lot!

I will most definitely be going back. I know the drive, time, and money are worth it.

-- MSS, Working Mother

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do. It was great to get back in the tank again last night. And it was a real bonus that you were able to schedule Sara on such short notice. In this hectic life…FLOAT has really helped me keep my batteries charged and my mental/physical/spiritual health in balance. Much love and thanks!

--Mike, Sales Manager

As a new mom (at the time of my first float), with ZERO full nights rest the first 10+ months after birth, getting a float session was sensational.  At home with a video monitor, I woke at the slightest noise.  Such as when my baby turned her head on the sheets, I'd wake completely and stare at the monitor to make sure everything was okay.  I was beyond exhausted before floating.  Afterward I remember you mentioned you had to come by 3 times to try and wake me, and I only woke when you firmly pounded on the chamber!  It was the best rest I've ever had!  I felt completely rejuvenated and alert as I never have been and have equated it to others as having 5 shots of espresso and maintaining that feeling for the rest of the day without negative consequences.  Just wanted to express my THANKS! 

--Stacey, New Mom

"Enter SOHO hidden in an Oakland art spa Is it a spa, is it a gallery... well this industrial art spa is both. My first visit to Float was a gift which included a float and a massage. I have to say that Tia the CMT is great. after my massage I entered the flotation tank for an hour float. I started my float by stretching and playing in the warm salt solution. Then I just floated no sound or sight. I felt like I was suspended in space. I started to concentrate on my next trekking trip. Visualize the trail and route map. I was so focused on this that I actually felt like I was there. Very cool, but before I knew it the knock on the tank informed me that my time was up. Later my girlfriend told me that I must have been totally out of it because they had to knock 3 times to wake me. I must say that my first experience was amazing and I already booked for my next flotation session this time for 90mins. My girlfriend and I felt very relaxed after our floats. We sat with a cup of tea in the gallery enjoying the really cool art."

-- Joey, International Mountain Leader

"I just wanted to drop you note in regards to our visit to Float on Tuesday night. Matt and I both enjoyed the experience and the effects thoroughly. In addition to the immediate benefits, we both slept so soundly that night. I woke up refreshed and ready to face my certification exam which required four hours of intense concentration. I really feel that the float from the night before improved my performance the next day. We look forward to our next visit you will definitly be seeing us again at some point."

-- Mona, Student

“It was amazing the 2 hours seemed like 30 minutes and when I got out of the tank it was something I didn’t expect I was energized, and  felt 10 years younger and all my ADD symptoms were gone including the back pain I had been having for the last few weeks. The next day I noticed I was happy; really happy, much happier than I had felt in months. I have suffered with ADD all my life along with symptoms that go with it such as depression, anxiety and social anxiety. I just had the most replenishing rest I ever had, far superior rest than sleeping in my own bed."

-- Kari- Event Promoter

"Being the skeptical person I am and usually an unwilling person that rarely explores other avenues of wellness, I was first reluctant to try this float thing! As usual, my stupid human stubbornness got in the way and I wished I would have considered floating sooner than I did. I am usually a stressed out person almost round the clock and floating gave me the most unique experience to relax in ways I never imagined. The staff of Float made sure I was comfortable before getting in the tank. I was told I would be in the tank for an hour and I could not imagine how I was going to stay in there for that long. Once I got in the tank, the float experience began. I was able to float without any problems and once I let go, tons of accumulated stress dissipated fromfrom my shoulders.It only seemed as though I was in the tank for 15 minutes until the knock came to let me know my hour was finished. I was shocked! The hour I was dreading soon became a disconnection from time. I felt like a new person!I can not share any more my of my float experience because I don't want to spoil this adventure for those of you who ever never floated.

Don't be stubborn like me and wait so long to treat yourself to this much needed pampering we all deserve.  Thanks Ladies for all the TLC."

-- Anthony - RN, CEO www.cpreducationseminars.com

"Once I got into the tank and closed the door, I stretched out fully with my arms above my head. The water was heavy gel like, the darkness was soothing. It was fun to play and splash and stretch. I started deep breathing with my eyes wide open. I was seeing pin points of light and a purple cloudlike mist. It felt like moving through space, I didn’t want to close my eyes it was so beautiful. My body felt like it was a part of everything and nothing at the same time. I kept moving through the mist and passed through a cloud like tunnel and felt like I woke up. I started to wonder how long I’d been gone, and it felt like time had disappeared. I heard my friend Mary say, “That’s a very personal experience” and I knew the hour was up. For that whole week I was so relaxed. My mind was blown by the vision. I truly believe the 1st float had led me into a wonderful phase in my life, given me a clearer vision of myself. Made me much calmer, I’m really happy with my body. I am not sure where this is all leading but I have renewed faith in all possibilities and am excited about life".

-- Pia - Personal Chef

"Hey chica- I was just talking about the float...thank you so much, I absolutely loved it. I mean LOVED IT!! I felt very confident and grounded afterwards. calm. There is this certain confidence that didn't feel superficial at all that came from the float experience. I also felt beautiful afterwards, as corny as that sounds, but how often do we ever get that true sense of ourselves? I feel like it opens up your mind to the higher self...Is it possible that the float experience gives one a sense of peace, which affects the decision making process? I also am on a roll with these new pieces for the show and want to get back in the tank asap...while I have all these ideas of "wing repair" inside of me. crazy creativity stuff. I'll be calling to schedule another float. looking forward to seeing you and talking more! Thanks allison."

-- Sally, Painter & Teacher

"I'm ready for another round... This is the quickest route to a lucid-dream state i've ever experienced... A truly effortless means to meditative space, super easy to let-go... wow. i've been looking forward to a float experience for a long time, not really knowing what to expect, and this definitely surpassed any expectations. Your physical body can completely let go: skeleton loosening, intestines resting, fluids balancing. muscles supported to rest completely. when the body is that supported the mind can do soooo much more.... very cool. highly recommend it for any/everybody, but especially for people with deeply held tensions and for those who want to explore their inner landscape a little more deeply. "

-- Emily, CMT

"Even 'A types' can relax in here! I've tried many methods of relaxation over the years and FINALLY have found something that even makes me feel like I'm on a cloud. Floating gives you an incredible sense of peace and relaxation. Float is an awesome space, I totally enjoy hanging out before and after floating, sipping tea and taking in the excellent art work. Thanks for the awesome experience!"

-- Taryn Evans, Owner  Pet Store

"Many thanks for the wonderful introduction to floating this weekend. I am especially surprised at how long the effects last. My body seems to hold the memory of complete support and surrender that one encounters inside the tank, and so I find myself melting rather than grabbing when obstacles and difficulties arise - which is a much more pleasant and productive way to be in the world. I look forward to future floats, as I suspect there is more richness to the experience to encounter ahead. "

-- Rob, Economic Strategist

"It's the most relaxing experience imaginable. For someone who has a hard time letting go, floating is a must! It relaxes the body and frees the mind."

-- Duane, Photographer

"I work a very fast-paced physical job. After an 11 hour work day I then have to sit in traffic for an hour.
By the time I reach home all I what to do is go to bed. "I started to become very unsocial and I short tempered with friends. I had soreness in my neck & shoulder area for several months. I've gone to a chiropractor, and have had massages, but the tightness continued. Then a friend told me I should try Floating. I came to Float. Boy am I glad I did. I must have dozed off in the floatation tank, because before I knew it, I heard the knock, signaling me that the hour had passed. I couldn't believe how relaxed I was. But what was unusual was that I wasn't groggy or tired in the least. I felt relaxed and peaceful. I noticed the soreness in my shoulder was almost completely gone. Floating has helped me to be more relaxed, focused and patient in my day to day life. "I did not realize how much the pain I was living with was affecting me physically and mentally. The relief was instantaneous. Thanks to Float I now have a place to go to relax and reenergize. You truly hold the prescription for immediate relaxation and pain relief."

-- Maria, Fed-Ex Driver

"Thanks so much for hooking up my first floating session! As you could see, it was hard for me to describe in words how incredible it was. It was a completely different way of sensating, i guess. I have been raving about my first float to everyone -- i've handed out half a dozen cards already!"

-- Doug, Massage Therapist

"After 29 years of travel as an Airline Attendant, it is a great relief to discover an anecdote to accumulated international business burn-out. My first float, initiated by Allison, the co-partner at FLOAT in Oakland California, fell within two hours of arrival from a 13 hour Oceanic flight, destination: Sydney--San Francisco.
"This one hour float resulted in a sense of well-being near equal to calm with an added thread of focused energy lasting long into the evening. Conducting business and re-entry back to an active social schedule seemed effortless.
"This float experience impressed me as very possibly the one stone left unturned in the great quest for serious rejuvenation. Bravo to the owners at FLOAT! "

-- Debra, United Airlines Attendant

"My first session in a float tank was pretty trippy. Once the door closed I had a mini-panic claustrophobic attack (and I don't really suffer from claustrophobia), because I couldn't see anything and couldn’t figure out how to get back out again. Once I found the door handle, I hung on to it as my little reality check, while my body got used to the idea that there was absolutely no way to sink. The water's so supersaturated with Epsom salts, even if you push a leg or arm under the water (all 10 inches of it), it'll just bob back up. In fact, certain muscles in my stomach and neck got sore because I was straining them trying to "sink" out of the belief that I was supposed to. Eventually I got over it and just let the water completely support me. Some neck and shoulder muscles that literally have not relaxed in months (even with a body worker’s expert coaxing) were able to release some tension After a while I was able to relax and just enjoy the experience started staring out through my third eye, etc. The sensation of water against my skin went completely away. I felt like I was floating in space. Since I’m used to doing Buddhist meditation, I started running mantra. A couple times my body went to sleep and my mind stayed awake, continuing the mantra. A marvelous trip to inner space!

-- Nyondo, Web Guru (Customjuju.com)

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FLOAT, Floatation Center & Art Gallery customer testimonials about thier first floataion therapy session and FLOAT, Floatation Center and Art Gallery. I felt like I was floating in space. Thanks to FLOAT in Oakland I now have a place to go to relax and reenergize. You truly hold the prescription for immediate relaxation and pain relief.