FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

Escape from Scarce City

Hannah Woebkenberg
Hannah Woebkenberg
J. B. Mackinnon
Opening Party July 26th, 6 to 9pm

Show runs July 21st though September 6th 2014
A view on creativity from the urban underground, two very different artists explore how we possess the power of creativity beyond any limitations. 
Hannah Woebkenberg – Abstract Artist

Hannah Woebkenberg is an active artist and practicing Emergency Medicine physician in the East Bay.  She came from Indiana via Atlanta and currently lives in the Jingletown arts community in Oakland while working in several East Bay hospitals.  Ever since college she has been attempting to perfect the balance of art and medicine.  For the past 6 years she has been working primarily with nylons as a medium, which allows an aspect of sculpture and painting to arise in her work.  She has created, displayed and showed art throughout the Midwest, Georgia, and is now excited to introduce the Bay area to her work.  Hannahsevolution.blogspot.com

J. B. Mackinnon – Champion of creativity

Escape from Scarce City/ Canvas and Comics a series of new work.

J.B.MackinnonMonsters, aliens, lizards, and fish populate the paintings and drawings of J. B. MacKinnon, The Champion of Creativity. Highways, deserts, dreamscapes and cityscapes provide the backdrop, and road signs, old bones, old cars, pickups, semis, and even a harbor crane clutter the scene, and of course graffiti breaks up the areas you might least expect. Together they give a complicated and seemingly dark world that verges on chaos, but on closer inspection a humor, warmth, and even an unusual access to humanity is found.

We are led from piece to piece by a trail of comic book pages that at once reference individual works, and weave them into a tale of breaking free from where the Twentieth Century has left us, letting us, "Escape from Scarce City".    jb-mackinnon.com/about

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