FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

Liquid Landscape

Paintings & mixed media by Andrew Macrae and Diane Mettleman

Andrew Macrae and Diane Mettelman

Artist Party Friday June 12th, 6 to 9pm

Show runs June 1st, 2015, through July 18th 2015

Art derived from our urban landscape, captured and re-imagined these two local artists actualize the art of flow.
Andrew Macrae

I create imagery intuitively, working the composition as I go along. The first objects of the image are scenes from nature: trees, mountains and animals. The scene slowly fills with solid shapes and perfect lines; objects of human conception. I am showing the act of contemplation as man slowly imparts his development over and around the established nature. What remains in the end is an image exhibiting tension between man and nature, a scene where the two are wrapped up in a chaotic commotion. I use a broad array of mediums to create a painting, but I prefer watercolor and gouache on paper. In my paintings, watercolor is used to create faded landscapes, while gouache is used as the foreground medium, so I can push line and color. When combined, my images become vibrant displays of graphic subjects existing in a dream state.  Admacrae.com

Diane Mettelman

“I am attracted to real world objects, constantly rescuing discarded metal objects from the road and highway. I should have a bumper sticker that says, “ I brake for metal scrap!” -D.R.Mettelman About 17 years ago, with scraps of copper given to me by a metalsmith friend, I started a 2D collage. After learning how to make a copper rivet, I had made my first piece of wall art, and I was hooked. Since then, with varied combinations of metals, I continue to create. Sometimes I braze, solder, and use common commercial fasteners, but the copper rivet continues to be my mainstay. Using wood, paint, copper pipe and fittings, I have expanded to create 3D sculpture and furniture. An avid hiker, I began to include stones collected on mountain hikes. Including raw stone with the discarded or “scrap” objects from once natural resources completes the connection to my love of nature. Using recycled materials allows me to communicate the beauty I see in these discarded objects. My pieces seem to create themselves, and like all art, are open to the viewer’s interpretation. I am merely the conduit through which the creations are formed.

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