FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

More than the sum of its parts

A group show of Bay Area artists.

Bay Area group art show

Art Party January 28th, 6 to 9pm

Molly Maguire will be preforming live, Music starts at 6:30

“No two people ever see the same thing in a piece of art.” - Stephanie Thames

Paintings, Emeryville Mudflat artist wall art, Ceramic sculpture, Photography and Mixed Media. Together these artists form a better and stronger combination than you would expect from each of the individual parts. Please join us in the celebration of the sum of these artists work.


Alex Stecher- Mixed Media

I'm a Native American, Trans artist from Mississippi. My work is about what is hidden, what lies beneath the surface, the faces we present to the world. You can best view my art on instagram@primaltime70

Barbara Maricle - Painting

Berkeley abstract painter Barbara Maricle has lived most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her current Float Series of oil and mixed media on panel, she utilizes repeating shapes, meandering lines and layering with veils of color to explore states of movement/stillness, rising/settling, and clarity/obscurity. Barbara lives and works in North Berkeley. Barbaramaricle.com, Float series, facebook

Cheryll MacIntyre - Painting

Playfulness, that’s me + art. It is the playground in which I am free, to experiment. to explore. to smile at the many layers of paint. to break. to trust . to be, in each and every moment. Coloursoutsidelines.com

Michael Bacigalupi - Photography

Acknowledging the emotion and wonderment of endless hours spent viewing the world through my camera.

Tyler Hoare – Found Object, Mudflat Artist

For over 40 years Hoare, has installed found object art off the Emeryville shoreline mudflat area in the east bay, the bay is his gallery. Tyler Hoare Red Baron Tyler Hoare (silent “H”) arrived in Berkeley in 1966 after earning a BFA from the University of Kansas in drawing and painting. He began building sculptures that he installed in and along the Bay, in Emeryville and Berkeley. The Emeryville Mudflat art is one of the few things remaining that ties our present to our past. One of the original Emeryville Mudflat artists Tyler Hoare now 75 is still active and installed his first piece back in 1975 and is estimated to be on his 30ish iteration of his Red Baron series. Hoare’s last Red Baron was vandalized and he’s obligingly assembled another one to replace it. There has always been a question of legality in Hoare’s work. He talked to the city of Emeryville at one point, and then found the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission had jurisdiction in the water. Hoare said a person there told him they love his work. So he thinks he’s good. And freeway commuters still look for the art. quirkyberkeley.com, Youtube Video,Youtube Video, Youtube Video Red baron piece

Stephanie Thames - Sculpture

I am a multi-medium visual artist, crafter, writer, poet and passionate advocate for compassion and connectedness. I believe our youth are our path to a more compassionate future. Back when I was a student of the Sophia Center at Holy Names University working on my Masters in Spirituality and Culture, I would often hear the phrase, “Art can heal the world”. I would think, “I make art, but I don’t understand how it can heal the world”. After about a year in the program it all started to resonate and make sense. After more than 20 years of not touching any form of art medium and experiencing the evolution of my challenging life I was brought back to my art, especially painting and ceramics. I began moving away from perceived realism and moving towards abstract and expressionism in my art. I started owning that I was an artist and noticing the way people were feeling into my art help me to understand the healing process. I was deeply moved that no two people ever see the same thing in a piece of art. I am learning how to reach out to those in pain, feeling challenged or anxious and to meet each and every person right where they are. I pull from deep within myself when I create a piece of art. I ask: What am I feeling in this moment of my life? What’s resonating with me? How can I get people to search deep within themselves? How can I get people to start talking and connecting on unspoken issues?

Image of Molly Maguire Molly Maguire will be preforming live jan 28th

A singer-songwriter from Bolinas, CA, Molly Maguire’s music is inspired by folk, pop and jazz influences. Her most recent July 2016 release is a break-away from her albums of the past. Entirely comprised of cover folk and rock tunes from songwriters Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Tom Petty and more, Molly performs her favorite songs accompanied only by herself and her instruments. Mollymakesmusic.com/

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FLOAT Floatation Center - Art Gallery exhibits local cutting edge fine art from the East Bay, Oakland and San Francisco Bay area. We focus on contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, neon and plasma sculpture, graffiti, environmental art, ethnic art, furnature, metal work, jewelry, kinetic and robotic art.