FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

Poker face

Drawings by Yvette M. Buigues & Ceramics by Julie Stevens

drawings by yevette buigues

Artist Closing Show Party Saturday September 5th, 6 to 9pm

Show runs July 19th, through September 6th 2015

Two passionate Oakland artists explore a more whimsical side of life.
Yvette M. Buigues - Drawings

Yvette M. Buigues lives and works in Oakland, California. Her inspiration comes from no one place in particular; in her work one can see and feel her exploration of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of everyday life. Through bold images she speaks to relationships between people, the state of the world, the human condition. The mulitple layers of color and detail often times contain subtle observations and a darker sense of humor. Buigues works most often with acrylic paint. she finds great pleasure and touches base with whimsy in her pen and ink drawings, and experiments in seriography. About the drawings: I have always kept a journal of drawings. Until recently they mostly stayed there, not meant for others to see. At the suggestion of a friend, I began posting them on Instagram and Facebook, the response was inspiring, so here they are. Whimsical yet possessing plenty symbolism and emotion, I find these entertaining with a life of their own.  heavyblackline.com  buigues.tumblr.com

ceramics by Julie stevens
Julie Stevens - Ceramics

ulie Stevens is Bay Area artist who loves to work with color, texture and different shapes. Architectural shapes being a favorite. She is a painter and a ceramicist. A fan of all things in favor of Oakland and the diverse, wonderful folks who live here... you can also find her most days at her day job cutting and styling hair in Oakland. Her paintings can be found on  Pintrest.

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